In addition to her scholarly work, Andra also maintains an active public scholarship presence.  Her op-ed pieces have appeared in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Washington Post, Politico, and  She is also a contributor to’s Arena.  In addition, she has provided television and radio commentary on NPR, CNN, FamilyNet and on the local ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and PBS affiliates in metro Atlanta.


Opinion Pieces/Feature Articles

Gillespie, Andra.  2008.  “The Michelle Obama Drama.” Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  July 20.

Gillespie, Andra.  2009.  “Obama’s Job and Ours.” TheWashington Post.  January 17.

Gillespie, Andra.  2009.  “President Obama, Race and Henry Louis Gates.”  Politico.  July 23.

Gillespie, Andra.  2009.  “Post-Racial? Really?”  Emory Magazine.  Autumn 2009.


Interview On 11 Alive – November 3, 2010

Fox 5 Midterm Election Aftermath-November 3, 2010

Political Analyst Andra Gillespie Breaks Down the Elections:

Emory Video Interview About the Midterm Elections, Mobilization and Race – October 7, 2010

Fox 5 Atlanta Clip about Midterm Elections-September 28, 2010

Political Expert Andra Gillespie on Youth Vote:

* Andra and fellow commentators discussed the research showing the positive relationship between text messaging and turnout in the commercial break.

CNN Interview:  Henry Louis Gates Incident (July 2009)




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